Building Understanding

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Maximising Performance

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Managing Risk

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Employee & Customer Surveys taking the guesswork out of engagement

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Who we are

We help organisations engage employees and customers and resolve business challenges.

pe_handsOur passion is working with small and medium size businesses helping them succeed and grow.

We’re proud of building long term partnerships and workplaces where business goals are met and change really happens.

We do this by working on internal systems and behaviours;

• Gathering employee and customer feedback
• Building management capability
• Developing working practices that make it easy to ‘delight’ customers
• Advising on employee relations and organisation change.

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Our Services

We help medium size and small businesses grow by maximising levels of employee and customer engagement. We provide the practical experience and expertise bigger businesses take for granted. Our focus is on employee engagement and complemented by extensive knowledge of employment law and change management.

Our services have been designed with the needs and budgets of small and medium size business in mind – that means you only use the services you need and tailor them to fit your objectives and ways of working.


Building Understanding

There is no one way to engage people so we offer a range of options, including our own 3Ease® Surveys, to help you understand what’s important and where to focus for maximum commercial impact.


Maximising Performance

We help you create and implement ways of working that drive higher levels of employee engagement and performance. We work across a range of areas from recruitment and reward to customer satisfaction, communication and management development.


Managing Risk

We provide advice to resolve immediate problems and support to identify and manage risks ranging from misconduct and poor performance to skills shortages and organisation change. Risks are inevitable in business – we help manage and turn them to your advantage.

3Ease® Surveys are available to organisations and the consultants they work with.


About our surveys

Using the 3Ease® model of engagement we help organisations understand, track and manage engagement levels so they can make the most of their strengths and build the foundations to support further growth.

Employee surveys

When people are engaged they perform better.

Our surveys give practical insights for driving employee engagement helping organisations deliver measurable commercial benefits and stay legally compliant (impressing CEOs and FDs alike).

Customer Surveys

Do your employees make your customers feel the way you want them to?

Our surveys show how your employees impact customer satisfaction and engagement. They will also help you identify where you can make improvements.

More than Surveys

Carrying out a survey is not enough. It’s what you do with the information that’s really important.

Whether you’re gathering feedback at weekly, monthly or annual intervals using any combination of bespoke, vanilla, pulse and full surveys we’ll give as much (expert) advice and (practical) support as you need.

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