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2 essential management tips

So your creative people are doing an OK job but it’s not as great as you’d like it to be.

Your competition is coming up with some great ideas and they’re killing you in some deals, how are they getting it done when you can’t?…

Picture of the athlete Roger Black in full running mode

Roger Black and 4 tracks to Employee Engagement

Earlier this month I had the privilege of speaking at the P2P Transformation Summit in London. It was a huge honour for me, and a thoroughly great day! However slightly higher up the bill as the keynote speaker was acclaimed speaker and athlete turned motivational speaker Roger Black. I hadn’t anticipated that in talking through his athletic experiences he would so ably demonstrate 4 key enablers of employee engagement.

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5 Signs Your Workplace Isn’t ‘Engaging’

In an ideal world, you workplace would be a thriving hive of activity, with a passionate and engaged workforce that helped you push your business forward. However studies now show that only 20% of the British workforce are actually engaged in their jobs, and this is not just down to the employees.

AIDA - Attention, Interest, Design, Action
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Truth or Dare

It’s wierd how some things just stick in your memory – Aida is one of those things. Or should I say AIDA because of course AIDA is not a person it’s a marketing acronym that describes the steps prospective customers go through before deciding to buy.

In fact AIDA is considered pretty old fashioned these days and has been updated by for instance AISDALSLove as it includes the importance of customer satisfaction and experience in winning repeat business and referrals.