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Become a People Essentials Survey Partner

We show you how to use surveys as well as the marketing & sales strategies to win the right clients, do the work you want to do, and achieve consistent income.

Attend our “Sales & Survey Training” Workshop and we’ll show you…

  • Everything you need to know to use surveys to win (and keep) the right clients, do the kind of work you want to do and achieve consistent income.
  • Every step of the survey process – from set-up – to interpreting the report data – to client feedback
  • Sales and marketing strategies we’ve developed and successfully applied for over 7 years.

But best of all. We’ve included two free surveys¹ in the price of the workshop so you can make an immediate return on your investment.

How does it work?

Come to the training with a client in mind that you could do a survey with. The intense day’s training is only £425.00+VAT. Afterwards, you could just walk away having learned all about how to use surveys. However, if you want to become a survey partner, with People Essentials, we are giving you two free surveys¹ to get you started and continue your training. So, you make money immediately. We help you every step of the way. You’ll quickly see just how powerful surveys are in opening up new conversations with clients and generating planned, consistent work. As you execute more surveys with us, you get more and more training and support – so you know how to interpret the data and add value to your clients and create additional project work to your income stream. And, when you do a third survey with us, you get the entire training fee back!

In fact, we estimate that, with all the incentives we’re giving you and the additional fees you can charge your clients (not including any additional project work you may also get), you should be able to turn your initial £425 into over £5,000. At least. And that’s without huge amounts of effort – because we execute the surveys for you.

We’re only taking on a select few Survey Partners at this time. This is so we can work closely with each one and be available to support, train and advise as you do more surveys with us.

Book your place by emailing Michelle now or follow the links below to book via eventbrite be one of the first HR Consultants on this exclusive new program.

Training dates for 2018 are:

If you want to call us and find out more information about our Preferred Survey Partner program please call Michelle on 01635 728 728


¹The workshop price includes a Full Survey and a Progress Survey for up to 40 participants. HR Consultants who require more participants will receive equivalent value savings.