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Construction Engagement & Wellbeing Survey

Are your people delivering the service your customers want and the margins your construction business needs?

“When Dave first contacted me with an opportunity to use People Essentials Construction Engagement and Wellbeing survey I was concerned that with all of the change within our business this was the last thing we needed. I could not have been more wrong. I can honestly say that the insight into our business brought to us through the survey and the meeting that we had with David and Michelle to help us interpret the findings has been a pivotal point in our journey.”

James Bailey, CEO Hailsham Roadways

In construction your success and profitability isn’t just down to the price you charge your customers it’s dependant on the overall productivity of your business – when resources are stretched and margins squeezed, keeping clients happy, maintaining profit and increasing productivity can feel like a huge challenge.

Use our Construction Sector Employee Engagement & Wellbeing Survey to measure and understand how motivated your people are, what’s important to them, what’s getting in their way and what you can do about it.

  • Measure employee commitment, engagement, wellbeing (and the common drivers)
  • 40 carefully selected questions
  • Tailor questions, messaging and branding to your business
  • Dyslexia friendly format and content
  • Easy read analysis and reports – highlighting strengths and opportunities
  • PC, tablet, handheld and paper options.

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