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Become an accredited  People Essentials Survey User.

Use our employee and customer surveys to:
– win the right clients –
– do the work you want to do –
– achieve consistent income –

How can a survey help you do that?

  • Surveys are easier to sell than intangible services like HR Advice.
  • Surveys help you develop understanding of your client’s values, goals, priorities and problems.
  • Use the survey as a diagnostic tool to identify your client’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Surveys create opportunities for you to upsell and cross-sell your services.
  • Manage your workload and secure your income with 6 to 12 month action plans to address the findings.
  • Demonstrate measurable impact and value with a Progress (Pulse) Survey at 3 or 6 months and, or a full re-survey at 12 months.

Sales & Survey Training Workshop

Attend our “Sales & Survey Training” Workshop and…

  • Receive two free surveys¹ and make an immediate return on your investment;

FREE The 3Ease Standard Survey for up to 40 Respondents

FREE Progress or Pulse Survey for up to 40 Respondents

  • Find out how to use our surveys to win (and keep) the right clients, do the kind of work you want to do and achieve consistent income.
  • Discover everything about our off the shelf surveys, bespoke surveys and pulse (progress) surveys – from how to set them up, to interpreting the report data and giving client feedback.
  • Learn the pricing and sales tips that will help you win and keep the kind of clients you want to work with.
  • Learn something new.
  • Extend your product offering.
  • Network and build connections with other like minded HR professionals.
  • Become an accredited People Essentials Survey Partner.


“I’m still absorbing the fantastic stuff I learned from yesterday. Thank you SO much. It was great to be with other consultants… I learned so much, not just about your programme, but also about selling and employee engagement.” H.B


Become a preferred survey partner

How does it work?

This full day workshop is only £495.00+VAT.

At the end you’ll walk away ready and confident to use your two free surveys¹.

Then all you need to do to become an Accredited Survey User is use your two free surveys¹ – we’ll be on hand every step of the way. At the end of the survey process we’ll ask your client for feedback. Assuming they are happy with the work you did we’ll have the information we need to award you accreditation and you’ll have a testimonial to use to win more business!

You’ll soon see how powerful surveys are in opening up conversations with clients and generating planned more consistent work.

Once you’re accredited you can go on to become a Preferred Survey Partner – that means we’ll refer business to you.  You’ll need to build up your experience by carrying out a few more surveys but we’re offering some pretty great incentives to encourage you!

In fact, we estimate all the incentives on our Preferred Survey Partner program, combined with the additional fees you can charge your clients (but not including any additional project work you may also get) means you should be able to turn your initial £495 into over £5,000. At least.  And that’s without huge amounts of effort – because we manage the survey process and reporting for you.


“I have now done two workshops with Michelle . They have been insightful and thought provoking. More importantly, they have been action provoking! Her style is highly participative and she really values the people and knowledge in the room”.  F.B.S


Where do I sign up?

Email Michelle to request details of our next workshops.

If you want to call us and find out more information about our Preferred Survey Partner program please call Michelle on 01635 728 728


¹The workshop price includes a Full Survey for up to 40 participants and a Pulse/Progress Survey for up to 40 participants both of which can be used with any of your existing or prospective clients.  HR Consultants who require more participants will receive equivalent value savings.